• Effectively attracts and optimises insect pollinator performancen on treated crops
  • Enhances yield quantity and quality
  • Increases the number of seeds in fruit
  • Improves fruit storage ability
  • Only one application needed
  • Contains substances found naturally in nature
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Discover the entire pollination potential of your crops!

What is Biopolin?

Biopolin is a product formulated to attract honey bees and other insect pollinators (bumblebees, red mason bees) to flowering crop plants. Applications to flowering plants increase the frequency of pollinator visits to treated flowers. Enhanced floral attractiveness has a very significant and positive impact on the process of pollination, resulting in a better quality harvest and improved yield.

Biopolin is a modern attractant with prolonged action. Only one application, at the beginning of the flowering period, needs to be made in order to achieve high effectiveness. This is ensured by unique formulation – Slow Release Technology. In addition, the product effectively prevents bees from foraging outside of the target cultivation area to other plants which may be more attractive to pollinators.

Successful pollination by insects determines highest quality seeds and fruits


Biopolin is a mixture of several substances that strongly lure and activate the work of pollinating insects. These are ingredients that occur naturally in nature. It contains polysaccharide compounds and ingredients of essential oils.

Biopolin attracts bees for a very long time
Only one treatment - SLOW RELEASE TECHNOLOGY

What is a key advantage in Biopolin formulation in comparison to conventional bee attracting products?

A single application is sufficient for a great effects. It is possible thanks to unique Slow Release Technology.

The Technology of the Slow Release formulation prevents rapid inactivation (release) of the attractants after the initial application. Attractants are locked in microparticles and are released gradually. Because of this, the attraction of insect pollinators to the target is stable, and extended for a long time.

Successful pollination of flowers is essential for a good yield

Biopolin is used by spraying in crops:

Fruit trees
Oilseed rape
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Efficacy confirmed by studies

Biopolin's introduction to the market has been preceded by a number of bee behaviour studies and field efficacy tests. Research has been carried out on various crops, in different places, in different countries.

All of the results confirmed the very good impact of Biopolin on improving the size and quality of crops.

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